Is the Sun Turning Off and What are the Implications for Earth?

Solar activity is one of the most important issues facing humanity today. With the effects on human health, the earth’s climate, and our environment, the scale of solar activity is unprecedented in society.

Professor Valentina Zharkova is organising “Is the Sun Turning Off and What are the Implications for Earth?”, an event that will address these issues. Using hands-on activities alongside theoretical talks, Professor Zharkova will explore the practical effects of solar research.

“We want to draw attention to the relevance of solar activity. We want to explore how the sun and the Earth interact, and the practical aspects of solar research.”

The session is aimed at an audience of all ages, and will include talks by experts from Imperial College, University College London, Bristol University, the University of Reading and the University of Bradford. Practical activities, such as the opportunity to observe sunspots, will also be available.

“The sun has catastrophic impacts on earth; human health, energy, the Earth’s atmosphere, heat, and light are all dependant on solar activity. This field of research has very practical effects – fundamental science is fundamental to humankind.”

Professor Zharkova teaches Mathematics and Modelling on the BSc Computer Maths and MA Advanced Simulations Modelling courses, as well as undertaking research in solar activity at the University. Prof. Zharkova published more than 120 research papers in leading international journals, and held a number of research grants from the funding bodies in the UK and EU.