Making Herbal Medicines

‘Making Herbal Medicines’, will guide participants through making their own herbal remedies. Using well-known ingredients such as chamomile and straightforward procedures, this engaging event will teach the basic principles of herbal medicine.

The participants will be shown how to make a herbal medicine for themselves such as syrup of figs, garlic foot powder or carrot and aloe cream.

Event organiser, Colin Wright, said: “What’s great about herbal medicines is that they’re adaptable to each consumer. Consistency, taste and smell are all easily customised to each person’s preference.

“Whilst most people take herbal medicines, they often don’t know much about the medicine or the ingredients used. The idea of this event is to give people the confidence to go home and explore different medicines in their own kitchen.”

The practical workshop will be accompanied by an explanation of the common herbal ingredients used.

Colin Wright teaches in the School of Pharmacy. A specialist in pharmacognosy, his area of expertise is in natural products and their use for modern medicine particularly as antimalarials.

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