What Happened to the War on Terror?

A decade on from the 9/11 attacks, Professor Paul Rogers examines the War on Terror in his talk “What Happened to the War on Terror? 10 Years On”. Professor of Peace Studies at the University, Professor Rogers has examined the War on Terror, basing the British Science Festival event on his research.  The talk will focus on the development of the War on Terror, and how the result has differed so drastically from the intended outcome.

Using a range of resources, from internet sources to military journals, Professor Rogers’ research analyses the events that make up the War on Terror. From the initial 9/11 attacks to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the research creates a picture of the war over the past ten years.

As it enters its second decade, Professor Rogers questions the outcome of the War on Terror:

“What I’ve been looking at is the actual outcome, and the real consequences of the war. When you contrast the war aims with what has actually happened, you get a radically different picture. What they were hoping to achieve has turned out very differently.”

As well as educating and stimulating new thought, Professor Rogers also hopes to influence policy with his recent research.

“I hope that by publishing detailed information, it enables people to go to their own sources and counter-check my research against other sources. It is also a question of influencing thinking in policy, as we have to rethink how we handle global security crises.”

Professor Rogers’ event will be a discussion, aimed at all adults, about the War on Terror over the last 10 years, as well as potential future impacts on global security.