The Science of the Circus

An educational circus show combining science and circus tricks featuring Gary the Clown took place today at Theatre in the Mill.

The theme of the show was how forces can help you perform circus tricks.

An enthusiastic and excited crowd of youngsters and their parents were getting involved in the interactive circus show. Gary demonstrated the force of gravity with spinning plates, the adults got tangled and untangled with rope showing how tension works, and then the kids got back on stage for some balloon model making, using force to change shapes…bend, squeeze and twist.

Gary the Clown will be back at the British Science Festival tomorrow with another interactive show ‘Good Vibrations’  all about fun with sound. Gary will be looking at how sound is made, what it can travel through and there will be Gary’s musical band. The show is on at 10.30am at Theatre in the Mill, University of Bradford main campus. Tickets cost £3.00.