Wisdom Wednesday: Summer Experience

What a Summer Experience programme can do for you

Alina Marcu: Media Studies




Ever since the first day of University, we have been told that the degree we are going to be awarded at the end of our studies counts, but not more than the experience we gather. I have therefore been very keen, doing a media degree, to help with all the projects I could. Through the Summer Experience programme at the University of Bradford, I have had the opportunity to work in a professional environment and with professional equipment, including the Outside Broadcasting Truck.

Last summer, I decided to apply for a placement in my field of study, and have been given the position of Content Producer for the Big Screen, part of Bradford UNESCO City of Film. Not only did I get to work with people who know a lot about the industry and had a chance to extend my network, I also learnt how to work to a tight deadline submitting films and problem-solving when out on location filming interviews. Even the experience of going through interviews, as I applied for a number of placements, helped in the way that I now know to not panic, and be more confident in my answers.

The highlight of this placement was when my film was played on the Big Screen during the last Royal Opera House performance of the year, which is more attention than I have ever dreamt my clips would get – at least not this point in my career, of course!

Getting this placement wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Advisors at the Careers centre, who have given me all the support I needed, whether it was the CV workshop or the interview preparation. And even the work-book that I had to fill in, although I found it to be of little importance at the beginning, it did make me ask some important questions and received valuable answers in return, tips that I will remember all my life.

I do encourage anyone who would like to get that much praised work experience to have a look at the placement the Careers Development Services are providing over the summer, and spend that fraction of their holiday thinking and building on their future career.

If you are interested in taking on a Summer Experience project over the summer – or if you are an employer looking to recruit for over the summer – get in touch with us at the Career Development Services to find out more.