Wisdom Wednesday: Are you Linked Up on LinkedIn?



Are you Linked Up on LinkedIn?

Yes we all know that recruiters are using social media to find their ideal candidates. But are you making the most of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has seen massive growth as it allows recruiters to simply search for graduates while allowing you to develop your on-line presence and network of contacts to hopefully be spotted by your dream recruiter.  Optimising your LinkedIn profile can really help you get noticed as part of your graduate job search. It is more than a CV, honest.

So what will a recruiter do?:

  • “Google” you and then check your LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn often comes up early in a search on Google and as you won’t have it locked down like Facebook they can find out lots about you. What does your headline say about you?  Does it grab the recruiter’s attention with key words and possibly the sector you are interested in working in?  Make sure yours highlights key selling points but keep it short and sweet! Ensure you have a professional, head and shoulders smiley photo as those with photos are 11 times more likely to be found in searches.
  • Check your qualifications and employment experience – make sure your LinkedIn profile has details about what you have done especially previous roles and responsibilities and education highlights. Bet not list all your Uni modules though!
  • Check your profile summary – what, you haven’t got one? This is the section that often students and graduates leave out but it is a great place to describe yourself and add a bit of personality.  Tell the reader what you feel you can bring to an organisation and highlight your specific skills.
  • Check what else you have to offer – are you endorsed for skills they are seeking?, have you demonstrated activities outside university studies?, do you have any additional qualifications or training? Make sure your contact information is up to date and why not add in some images, video clips, slides etc. that add to your selling points.

So once you have done your profile you can venture into the depths of LinkedIn.  What about: liking company pages, joining groups (maybe the University of Bradford Student and Alumni Group?), get involved in discussions, link with recruiters in target organisations, see what Alumni from Bradford have done in their careers …and there’s lots more!

If you need any help then check out our info. or come and ask us www.bradford.ac.uk/careers

And don’t forget to keep your profile updated. Go on get linking!