Can’t control the weather

by Emma Banks – Media Relations Officer

I took a call from our photographer at 5.19am this morning… despite all the planning of great picture of the transit of Venus – the weather had gone and ruined it.

As the Sun was rising over Whitby this morning, our researchers and local school children were meant to be viewing the last transit of Venus until 2117. Read more.

In our plans we had a clear sunny morning with excited happy children looking into the sky. However the sun never came out to play.  But, this didn’t stop the excited children chatting and laughing in the background of the phone call.  There I was worrying about the picture and how we couldn’t get what we wanted, and I then I realised that despite the weather and the minimum viewing of the transit that the children were having just as much fun being up at 5am in the morning and that the picture would still be great!