A taster of life in the University Communications Office

Guest writer: Daisy Hartley – work experience student

So my work placement here wasn’t really what I expected, thankfully. I guess I kind of thought I’d be photocopying and sat in a corner bored. I couldn’t have been more wrong, is all I can say. The only bad part was getting there; one morning I caught the 6:56am bus and I was still late! But that was typical public transport being slow and unreliable.

Firstly I had my own desk! And phone, though it did only ring once and Mark answered it for me.

The first few days I was looking at the University’s website and looking at others to see what I did and didn’t like. Though many people might have said this was boring, I found it fun and really interesting to compare websites. Towards the end I even got to write two press releases! I felt like an editor! That was the highlight of my week.

Everyone there (Mark, Kate, Anne, Emma, Katherine and everyone else) was so friendly and really helpful in giving me an insight into the marketing and communications department and learning new words and their meanings. There was such a relaxed atmosphere that I immediately felt welcomed. The experience has also given me an idea to what I may study at University and a future career.

Thanks for letting me work there! See you all in the summer!

P.S Kate, what did one ruler say to the other? You rule.