Hello from Georgie Bache

Hi my name is Georgie Bache and this is my first blog as Community Partnerships Officer at the University of Bradford.

I thought I would start with a bit of background as to what I do so sorry if this blog is a bit formal!

My role is to find out as much as I can about community partnerships activities going on at the University so we get a clear understanding of how we are collaborating with our local communities to support the development of the City and District. I am then exploring ways to communicate this understanding both internally and externally. I am also looking at ways to match University staff and knowledge with our communities and explore as many new partnership opportunities as possible.

Since I started the role in June it has been really exciting finding out all the ways in which University staff are applying their work and/or skills to support the District. From the Programme for a Peaceful City to Bradford Robotic Telescope to Born in Bradford and UCAN Student Volunteering Centre the nature of these partnerships is massively varied.

I’m really excited about the future of CP and we have some great projects coming up, including a new lecture/discussion series tackling issues that affect Bradford, so why not follow this blog to be the first to hear about them…

Bye for now