Wellbeing at Christmas

Christmas can be a time of joy…but not for everyone!

Here are a few tips for surviving the Christmas period if it’s not your favourite time of year:

Don’t believe the hype!

It may look as though everyone else is enjoying Christmas, especially when you’re not…but actually, contrary to what you see on social media, there are many people who don’t celebrate Christmas, just put up with it, hate it, or are on their own at this time of year. Remember that some of what you see is hype!

Help out!

If you are worried about being on your own at Christmas, consider volunteering with a local homeless charity at some point over the Christmas period. Soup kitchens and homeless shelters are very busy at this time of year. Reach out to someone else you know might be struggling.



Make it your own!

Don’t worry about what you think Christmas ‘should’ be like. Create your own new traditions, whether it’s ‘pasta for Christmas dinner’ or ‘creativity day’.

Take a break!

Go for a walk, get some fresh air and get away from the bad TV, family arguments, empty flat; whatever you need a break from. A 20 minute walk could clear your head and enable you to return with a different perspective.

Call someone!

Call a friend or relative for a chat. If there’s no one you want to call, call a helpline. The following helplines are open every day, including Christmas and Boxing Day.



It’s just a week!

The Christmas period only really lasts a week. Plan something to do on every day. Keep yourself busy. Get on with something you’ve been meaning to do for ages or do some extra study or work towards your exams. It will be over before you know it……