Caring during Covid-19: Diane’s diary

Diane Aykroyd, carer of Trevor who has vascular memory problems following four major strokes, the first aged 26, and many other illnesses. Diane and Trevor recently moved to sheltered housing. This is Diane’s diary:

6th April
It’s quite hard staying in. Trevor keeps nodding off a lot so I’m now trying to persuade him to go for a walk up the corridor and back to stop him feeling so lethargic. He does wash up after tea every evening and we have been for (our permitted) walk round the block this morning. Breaking news 8:30pm Boris Johnson now in intensive care.


8th April

Trevor had such a bad night, unable to sleep due to his nasal polyps and struggling to breathe properly (his appointment at Yorkshire Clinic was cancelled), the medication seems to be having no affect. Once again impressed with the Doctors here. I rang at 10:56am and GP was speaking to Trevor at 11:09am.


11th April 

Really worried Trevor not feeling well, has temperature, I’ve given him 2 paracetamol & he’s gone to bed. Hope and pray he’s not got COVID 19 – so just ate a packet of biscuits – not sure they will help!

After spending 15 hours in bed Trevor up had a shower and laid on bed for another three hours.


13th April

Had a good nights sleep although Trevor said he had been awake since 5am but had to remind him of the 15 hours he’d had previously so not to be surprised.


14th April

4:30am Trevor not feeling well again, really hot and wanting to go to the toilet but unable to and when he does, urine burning. Got up gave him a drink he says it tastes funny.

5:30am He’s feeling a bit better.


15th April

Trevor had another bad night and not feeling well. Up several times with him.


16th April 

It’s now 4:38am and since 2:30am Trevor has been up at least four times. Now it’s not urine but says he wants to do no2 so to speak but can’t, so he’s been looking for some laxative. He did say he thought everything was going to be alright!

I was hoping to go for a short run but at this rate I will be like a zombie. Just another typical night. The joys of 51 years of marriage to someone with lots of illness and issues. Where’s that young man gone who used to go out to work (for the first few months) and jump over the gate instead of opening it. He’s still there…


Written by Diane Aykroyd


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