Creative reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic

In this week’s blog post from the Coronavirus and dementia in care homes (CoDeC) study, two participants share their stories with us via poems. The poems have been written during the pandemic and capture moments of struggles but also renewal.


The mask

Are they smiling at me?

It’s really hard to say

I need to see a person’s face

It all gets in the way


What is it that they’re asking me?

How should I reply?

I’m scared to make them angry

I know I have to try


Should I know this person?

I’m not sure that I do

Their features are distorted

Their voice is muffled too


Is it something that I’ve done?

For them to wear this stuff

Maybe they don’t like me

I fear they’ve had enough


It feels like such a worry

I’m not sure people care

Could I have your hand to hold?

Reassurance that you’re there


by Sophie Kelly


Notice served

First a trickle
Then a stream
Then Covid-19, you gushed into our lives
Like a bad dream.


An uninvited guest
You cut us off from others
A new reality; fear and anticipation
You held hostage our nation.


Numbers rising
On our own exercising
Quick hellos from passers by
We yearned for relationships beyond saying ‘hi’!


Robbed from a warm embrace;
a human touch
a look of love from a familiar face
Now we know this means so much!


You wreaked havoc in people’s lives
Stripped from livelihood, dignity and ties!
Our next generation’s education on the line
Did you really think we will just sit here and pine?


See, we humans pull together in time of crisis
We test, we care, we clap,
We support one another
No matter what the price is!


Covid-19 we want you to know
We had enough of you, you have to go!
Our scientists are on the job, discovering something new
Cowardly virus, we’re serving notice on you!


By Brigitte Davies