Trine’s visit to the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies

The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies was very pleased to have Trine Holt Clemmensen from The Health Science Research Centre at University College Lillebælt Denmark, visiting us from 11th to 22nd February. Trine tells us about her time here at Bradford.

I am a PhD student visiting from Denmark. I am very interested in the carer perspective in Dementia Research. The objective of my PhD project is developing a questionnaire to assess the support needs of carers to a person with dementia.

I find that The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies is an internationally well-known Research unit within Person Centred Dementia Care. The team is very experienced and the research they are doing are very similar to my research interest.

I have met with many of the Professors and researchers at the Centre to learn about their recent research and discuss my own research. Everyone have been very welcoming and open to share research considerations and engage in theoretical discussions.

The most important thing that I take with me is the focused work going in to applied dementia research.  It is very inspiring to visit an environment dedicated to psychosocial research Dementia research, and it is very important for me to learn about research outside my own country.



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