Guest post: my day as the Vice-Chancellor by Matt Wysocki

I have just started my day as the Vice-Chancellor. Mark is over in Student Central working in the Library, UBU offices and the bar whilst I’m here in the office to meet with staff from the University. I still haven’t found the personal Jacuzzi but I’m sure it’s here somewhere!

Meeting with Adrian Pearce

Meeting with Adrian Pearce

I am enjoying a great cup of coffee made by my secretary and thinking who to call to increase the UBU subvention. I have noticed a speed dial to Sue Kershaw, Director of Finance on my phone – very tempting.

I’ve taken a look at the forthcoming addition of News & Views and given a short radio interview. Afterwards, I will have a meeting with Simon Croll, Hub Manager about the Degree Ceremonies and with Adrian Pearce, University Secretary about our faith advisors. When all that is over I will pop over to the Student Central to see what Mark is up to.

Monday, October 4th, 2010 in News