Supporting the Census

I’ve joined the campaign to encourage students and staff to fill out their Census questionnaire on Sunday, 27 March. Historically, university students have been a particularly hard to count group for the Census. It’s important therefore that our students in particular are aware of the 2011 Census and ensure they have the help and support they need to take part.

The Census statistics are used to determine the level and type of funding the district receives for the next ten years, so it is really important that the statistics are accurate. It is important that the Census captures a true picture of our district so, for example, we can see how many people will be going to university or looking for jobs in Bradford, and plan accordingly.

Students need to fill out their Census form at their term time address. So if you live in Bradford during the academic year but return home during the summer, you need to fill out a form here in Bradford. You should nominate one person in your household to fill out the form and sign it, but you all need to be included on the form. If you live in halls of residence, special arrangements are being made to deliver and collect your questionnaire.

Census 2011

Completing the Census online