Office for Fair Access approves University fees

Today the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) has approved the University of Bradford setting our fees at £9,000 for September 2012.

The outcome from OFFA today will ensure that the University can continue to build a strong, sustainable university, with funds that mean we can invest in our high-quality learning and teaching environment, with a major focus on employability and delivering high levels of student satisfaction. This will ensure each student gets the highest value from their investment into their education.

A lot of financial support in our OFFA agreement at the University of Bradford won’t be in the form of fee waivers.  This is because we strongly believe that our students will benefit better from the scholarships and hardship funds that we offer when they are at university, rather than fee waivers which we believe only marginally change future debt.

As part of our OFFA agreement, the University will invest an additional £4.3m in 2014/15 on access measures for our students aimed at strategically improving both the financial support and the outcomes of our students.  In 2012/13 we are investing:

  • £1.4m on access/outreach measures
  • £1.1m on retention and success measures (incorporating employment and support programmes)
  • £1.27m in financial support to students

I look forward to working with you all to offer students at the University of Bradford the best possible return on their investment into their education.


Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 in News