A Library in an Art Gallery…Surely Not!?

Before the installation of the Paula Rego work, the gallery was feeling decidedly empty. Aside from the lack of work, there was a bare patch near the 2 sofas. Although the sofas do their job (and they do it well), it felt like there was something missing…..until the store was tidied out.

Enter the bookshelves.

While moving things round in the gallery store, ready for the storage of Cyril Mount’s newly donated work, James (summer intern) and Caroline (Fellow of Visual Art) had to move a pair of bookcases to make room for the sheer volume of Cyril’s collection.

The bookcases contained dozens of books that had been donated by University of Bradford alumni over the years, with subjects varying from art, to psychology, and archaeology, and the earliest book being printed in 1887!

It was if the light bulb had flicked on, they seemed like the ideal partner for the empty space next to the sofas. After a brief struggle trying to move the books and bookcases together, they were moved separately into their new home. After some careful rearranging of the books, and the addition of some artist publications and editions they were ready for action.

There was one slight problem though, despite the fact that the bookcases looked ready…the rest of the space didn’t. After some careful Feng Shui of the table and exhibition leaflets the space was ready!


So that was how the latest re-design of Gallery II happened. Now we have a fully functioning reference library and relaxation/reading space to use, perfect if you’ve got a few minutes until your next lecture with nothing to do, fancy having your lunch somewhere different, just want to grab a coffee from the café outside and sit and read for a while…or just fancy having a sit down after seeing such a good exhibition. All these things are possible and more, at the new Gallery II reference library area, so come down and try it out for yourself!