Paula Rego Part 1: Delivery and Prep.

To cover the set up, installation and launch of ‘Paula Rego – Printmaker’ we thought that instead of having one big, long blog post about how we did it and what happened, we’d split it into 3 bite size, manageable chunks of arty goodness…here’s the first:

Before we could even think about deciding where to put the Rego etchings, we had a monumental job on our hands…taking down the work still on the walls from ‘Gifts’ by Marina de Stacpoole and sending it on to Pop Up Gallery in Centenary Square (Bradford) to carry on the show until the 7th of September, but also packing and storing all of the recently donated work by artist Cyril Mount.

Once the Marina de Stacpoole work had been carefully removed and packaged (just as the gallery was looking empty) the unthinkable happened…the Paula Rego etchings were delivered from their previous showing at Hebden Bridge’s Artsmill (

The show at Artsmill and our own exhibition were aided by David Wright (from Artsmill) and the team at Marlborough Fine Art, London ( who helped to arrange the acquisition of the various works and texts to accompany them.

Once they’d arrived, with a large amount of help from the university porters, they were stood by the wall in all their bubble – wrapped glory.

Once they’d been unpacked and admired, we were reminded of the previous job of clearing the gallery! In the picture below, the back and left hand wall are all part of the body of work donated by Cyril Mount (with a large portion of it also on the back wall out of shot), with some pieces propped on top of another 2 or 3…so we had a job on our hands.

But up stepped James, the summer gallery intern. Taking on the task almost single – handedly (with some help from Caroline towards the end) he managed to carefully wrap the paintings and arrange them in the back store room out of the way of any stray feet or objects that could possibly damage them.

And with that, the main task for the day was done, the gallery had been prepped and ready for the next step of the plan…arranging and hanging the etchings.