Thurs 7 April. Loads of things happening on the Robert Hope | Wonderland exhibition launch night

JOIN US for a night of free art, music and films on Thursday 7 April, 5 – 7pm in Gallery II with Mik Artistik

‘Mik – ‘vocals, keyboards and crook-lock’ – is the master of the comedy lyric’ Culture Vultures

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Where there’s Hope there’s light!!
Escape with us into the world of Robert Hope, whose collages of childlike drawing and painterly sensitivity take us to real and imagined places. Enigmatic artist Robert Hope makes work that mixes structure and styles and handwriting to create scenes of half-remembered and half-imagined places and events.  The results are an engaging series of magical, humorous, sad and quirky worlds, partially identifiable and partially mediated through a childlike fiction which borrows from youth culture, autobiographical and art historical connections.  The DJ Spooky of the works-on-paper world!


Bradford VAF1
Video Art Festival in Yorkshire showing work by African artists

7 – 8.30pm in the Treehouse cafe for FREE soup and films

In association with Gallery II, Bradford and Treehouse Cafe.

Artists: George Fikry (Egypt), Ingrid MwangiRobert Hutter (Kenya/Germany), Guy Wouete (Cameroon/Netherlands), Lucy Azubuike (Nigeria), Jelili Atiku (Nigeria), Abdoulaye Armin Kane (Senegal), Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria), Michele Magema (Congo/France), Minnette Vári (South Africa).

Although you may not know the names there is a vibrant contemporary art culture in Africa with video art and digital animation firmly established. A number of these artists have shown at major events such as Cairo and Venice Biennales, Dak’t in Senegal and at IFA Gallery in Berlin. The work is high quality and deals with common issues and concerns that affect and concern of us all such as consumerism, identity, urban space, development, migration and globalisation.

The style of the works ranges from documented performance art, filmed interviews, digital animation to works combining text and image.

If people ask why we are doing this we say ‘Why not, its a good thing, making things happen…enabling the sharing of human experience….we believe in these artists and the works from Africa whose voice is powerful and creative and speaks to all people of the world.

Also many of these works are usually only shown at big international events and why shouldn’t people in Yorkshire towns and cities have access to them in places where they go’.

The programme is 1 hour with time for relaxed discussion of works and issues. Me and Red

AGENCY – art, life and society is an international arts organisation based in Yorkshire UK concerned with the social political and the how and why of living. It arose out of the critical and creative international success of CRUNCHTIME2010:artists responses to global issues.

VAF1 is funded by Arts Council England



Robert Hope Exhibition runs – 8 April – 27 May 2011

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Artists book workshop and Ania’s European Film Salons