Recycling, where did it all go wrong!!??


Recycling, the original flagship project of the new and shiny Ecoversity programme, it’s the most visible element with 99% of staff and 91% of students aware of it and thus forms an important foundation of our wider sustainability programme.

It’s easy isn’t it?  People do it at home, at work, at the supermarket or the local tip.  Maybe not as easy as we thought….

Following a flying start our recycling rate rose sharply through 2008 peaking at 68% in August 2008.  Our annual rate in Dec 2008 was 55% and this rose steadily peaking at 61% in May 2009 but has since dropped back down to 56% and is currently showing a downward trend.

So what’s the problem?  Are people bored of it?  Is it not in vogue any more?  Does the system and signage need refreshing?  Is it too complicated?

There are plans afoot to simplify the system when a new contract is put into place later in 2010 and we need your thoughts on how the system should work in order to maximise recycling.

Other institutions are reporting as high as 90% recycling, so there’s a bit of a mountain to climb!