Sustainable Business Travel Framework – do you follow it!?

image of an animated trainThe sustainable business what?  The framework has been in place for over a year now, but we’re not sure how many people know about it, and even if people do whether they are following it or not. 

Essentially the framework, which forms part of the travel expenses policy is trying to reduce the amount of business travel and asks people to think carefully about whether their journey can be replaced by other forms of communication and if not how they travel. 

People should not be using domestic flights or over 130 mile car journeys on their own in the car unless there is no other option and preferential treatment should be given to lower carbon forms of travel such as the train.

One of the problems here is that our current data collection system is sparce in the area of monitoring business travel and it is therefore hard for us to measure trends.  We do know that a stable £2million is spent annually on travel with roughly equal splits between UK and International Travel and this has not changed much over the past 5 years meaning the framework has not caused any massive change.

So we want to know – are you aware of the framework?  Is it enforced in your area?  Is it making any difference to how people are travelling? 

… or is it just another useless bit of paper and we need to be doing more enforcement and promoting the options?