Green Impact 2012 is back and better than before!

This year we are trying to reach as many teams across as many different departments as possible. The workbook has been live since the 1st February and accessible via You can register your team by creating a username and password and then get started on ticking off the criteria.

In addition to the traditional workbook, we have introduced a labs tab to those teams that operate within a lab environment. You can choose to complete as many of these criteria as you wish, but the more you complete, the more points you can gain! As well as this, we have launched Green Impact Energy. We will be giving teams that have electricity metering in their areas monthly reports to review how much electricity their area is consuming. The criteria in the workbook should help you to reduce the electricity consumption in your area, so it is important to try and get as many people as you can to take part in Green Impact to make a difference!

If you have any problems with your workbook or you need some help or ideas on getting started, we have Hilary Pape from the School of Health on hand. Hilary and her team won Gold last year and were winners of an innovation award from the NUS for engaging security and cleaning staff to report lights left on in their building before and after staff and students had left. Hilary has also worked on the EMU (Environmental Move for U) project at the School of Health which managed to reduce energy consumption by 33% following a green building behaviour change programme (which has now resulted in Green Impact Energy and is being rolled out University-wide). You can reach her on or x3493 (Fridays only).