Two days in London

This week began with a trip to London for a meeting with Skillset about CPD modules and a visit to the BBC.

The Skillset meeting went well, and we are  looking at developing some modules to fit into the ‘Build your own MA’ programme. This is very different from traditional PG programmes and offers a flexible approach to study for people already in industry.

Tuesday was my first event as a member of the BBC’s Audience Council. It was an induction event covering the responsibilities and what the BBC Trust expect from council members. We also had a chance to have a quick tour of the studios and the newsroom and meet some of the people working there (and yes, I still get a bit excited at being in the Later with Jools Holland studio when they’re preparing for the next show).

It was a very interesting day, and I must admit looking forward to taking on the role of chair of the Yorkshire Regional Audience Council, although it will be a big responsibility, especially for someone from the South!

I’m expected to draw on my contacts and networks to get a wider picture of peoples’ perceptions of the BBC’s output, so questions/answers on a postcard to the usual address please.