From the archives: Internet Gallery Advisory Board, National Media Museum

I also found this in the drafts for this, from2010. And rather than waste all that effort I put into writing it…

Of course, the Internet Gallery is now the soon-to-be-launched ‘Life Online’, and there’s been another advisory board since, so this is mainly of historic interest now! I think given some of the challenges outlined here, they’ve done a fantastic job of representing the story of the internet in a physical space. Of course you’ll have to wait until next year to find out for yourselves.

It was an interesting meeting yesterday [well, over a year ago actually now, ed], both to hear the plans that are currently in place to develop the ‘Internet Gallery’ at the NMeM and also to hear people’s take on the idea. Whilst we did seem to get side-tracked by the debate around sponsorship and its potential influence on the content, there were some interesting ideas about what a ‘gallery’ of the internet should strive to achieve and how it should be presented.

I’m sure that in future there’ll be the opportunity to put some more meat on these ideas (not in a Lady Ga Ga way you understand), but at least we’ve made a start. Exploring the ideas that float somewhere between the concept of the internet and a physical gallery space is one that could take many different twists and turns, and it may well be that the gallery ends up being as fluid and evolutionary as the internet itself.

I was good to see the demo of the concept linkage work from Peter Cowling and Stephen Remde.  This is a very slick demo now, and whether or not this ends up as an exhibit in the gallery remains to be seen but it’s an interesting piece of work in its own right.

It was also good to catch up with people who I only get to see in person on rare occasions, but follow their digital lives regularly (yes, that means you Rob, Steve and Imran!).