Joint UK-China Laboratory of Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development announced

A major collaboration has been established between the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, and the Institute of Pathology and the Southwest Cancer Center, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, China. Both institutes have entered into a formal agreement that will provide for the combined resources necessary to identify novel anticancer molecules, with potential for inhibiting the migration and invasion of brain tumours cells with a specific focus on the stem cell niche.

Prof Laurence Patterson and Prof Xiu-Wu Bian sign off the Joint Laboratory of Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development agreement. From left: Prof Lai-Xin Zhou, Deputy-director of Department of Medical and Educational Administration, Prof Hsiang-Fu Kung , Honorary director, Prof Laurence Patterson, Director of ICT, Prof Xiu-Wu Bian, Director of Institute of Pathology and Southwest Cancer Center, Prof Cheng Qian, Director of Department of Biotherapy.