Successful Grants and partnerships July 2011

Read the full post to see which of our academics and teams have received research grants or won contracts with our partners.

Collaborative and RKT Centre Successes

  • Phil Coates and Fin Caton-Rose, Centre for Advanced Materials Engineering have received a £99,301 research grant from the University of Leeds, Innovation and Knowledge Centre for smart fixation devices for soft tissue repair
  • Sue Richardson and Jackie Ford, Centre for Managerial Excellence, are working with City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and other partners across the city to capture and document the Bradford Total Place methodology
  • Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science

Anant Paradkar and Adrian Kelly have received funding from Intelligent Formulation Ltd and Alchemy Healthcare Ltd for the optimisation of DNA vaccine formulations for Intranasal Powder delivery
Adrian Kelly and Anant Paradkar are working with Arterius Limited on a contract financed by METRC for a material feasibility study for a biodegradable drug-loaded coronary stent.
Anant Paradkar is carrying out work for Natures Laboratory for the development of deodorised propolis for the Korean nutraceutical market.

  • Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology

Leigh Mulvaney-Johnson, Adrian Kelly and Phil Coates have been working on a contract research project (£10K) for a longevity trial study of rHDPE materials for milk bottle manufacture.
Ben Whiteside is working with the University of Leeds on a £6,400 contract for development of an assay device for use in clinical transplantation procedures.

Computing, Informatics and Media

  • Peter Cowling has been working on consultancy with GB Virtual Offices Limited on the Teletracker project.
  • Ali Rashid, Head of Bradford Media School, has been working with Screen Yorkshire on a £1,200 contract for ‘The Pitch Factor’.

Engineering, Design and Technology

  • Raed Abd Alhameed has been working with Heaton Education and Training to deliver training to senior Nigerian engineers in Spring 2011.
  • Prashant Pillai and Fun Hu, have been working with IMS Limited on a £22,425 contract for the software development of their IMS mesh block monitor.
  • Ray Sheriff has been working with Heaton Education and Training to deliver satellite training during May and June 2011.

School of Health Studies

  • Murna Downs, Dementia Studies has been working on consultancy with the King Baudouin Foundation on a policy paper on the social dimension of dementia.
  • Murna Downs and John Chatwin, Dementia Studies, has received a £6,500 research grant from Yorkshire Film Archive for An evaluation of the Yorkshire Film Archive Memory Bank Initiative.

School of Lifelong Education and Development

  • Mutty Dad has received £2,500 funding from The National HE STEM Programme for the delivery of an Outreach Project called Engineering Islam.

Life Sciences

  • Stephen Dockrill and Julie Bond, Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences, have received a £6,100 research grant from Orkney Islands Council to carry out an archaeological project to examine resilience and sustainability from the first farmers to the present day at an Island level. The project is at present examining sites endangered by the sea. This year’s excavation is battling against the sea to record an Iron Age farm.
  • David Elliot and Alison Green, Optometry have received an £11,000 research grant from the College of Optometrists for an assessment of the quality of UK high street ready-made spectacles.
  • Rob Forbes, Pharmacy has received an industrial case award with Stabilitech from EPSRC worth £95,023 to add to his existing two similar EPSRC awards.
  • Jason Gill, Steve Shnyder, Rob Falconer, and Paul Loadman, institute of Cancer Therapeutics, have received a research grant from the Prostate Cancer Charity for £257,816 for the development of tumour-selective therapeutics for advanced prostate cancer.
  • James Heron, Optometry, has received a research grant worth £1,440 from the Wellcome Trust for a Biomedical Vacation Scholarship for Kiran Mushtaq.
  • Kay Marshall and Debbie Fischer, Pharmacy have received a £2,190 research grant from the Society for Reproduction and Fertility for a Pharmacy laboratory student to investigate the effects of prostaglandins and their antagonists on human endometrial cells in culture.
  • Jo Neill, Pharmacy is working for two European pharmaceutical companies on 4 contracts valued at £72,500. Jo is testing new compounds to see if they are more effective at reversing the negative symptoms of schizophrenia than current drugs used for this purpose. In the above tests Jo is using the Novel Object Recognition and Social Interaction tasks to see if the new test drugs are effective at correcting loss of visual recognition memory and normal social behaviour which are observed as negative symptoms in people suffering from schizophrenia.
  • Laurence Patterson and Helen Sheldrake, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, have received a research grant worth £51,960 from Yorkshire Cancer Research to investigate medicinal chemistry of novel integrin antagonists.
  • Laurence Patterson, Wendy Hulse, Paul Loadman and Qun Shao, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics have received research funding worth £64,247 from Changzhou Municipal Government for an assessment of the feasibility of developing a suite of platform technologies for masking the undesirable taste of medicines in liquid form.
  • Ian Scowen, Pharmaceutical Innovation CIC, has completed a contract with Intelligent Formulation Ltd for the development of novel analytical techniques for the analysis raw materials for a well known consumer product.
  • Ian Scowen, Pharmaceutical Innovation CIC, has worked with Kuecept on a research project focussed on developing new analytical methodologies to analyse APIs.
  • Helen Sheldrake, Laurence Patterson, and Mark Sutherland, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics have received a £49,992 research grant from the Prostate Cancer Charity for the development of dual B3 integrin antagonists as a novel anit-metastic therapeutic for castration resistant prostate cancer.
  • Steve Shnyder, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, has secured a contract with the University of Wolverhampton worth £7,580 for the preclinical evaluation of anti-cancer agents.

Social and International Studies

  • Maggie Allison, Languages and European Studies received a total of £700 in research grants for delivery of the 11th UK Women in French Conference which supports women academics working in the areas of French studies. The total grant is made up of £400 from the Service Culturel of the French Embassy in London and £300 from the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF). All conferences have led to publications.
  • Tom Franks received a research grant worth £45,280 from China Development Bank for the long-term training of 4 China Development Bank students.
  • Valerie Lesk, Psychology, School of Social & International Studies, has received a £1,440 research grant from the Nuffield Foundation for a project entitled Caffeine, priming and word retrieval failures: investigating short-term plasticity in the word retrieval system.
  • Simon Whitby, Peace Studies has received a £9,558 research grant from the International Science & Technology Center, Russia to update