Learning and Teaching Projects Update

I’ve put together a concise update on a number of University level strategic projects that are all contributing to the University core mission “Making Knowledge Work”:

Download the update (PDF)

We are a provider of high-quality teaching, informed by internationally recognised research and knowledge transfer which enable students to achieve their educational aspirations and staff to enhance their careers within an inclusive, supportive and sustainable environment.”

As highlighted by the Vice Chancellor (September, 2012):

 “the key to future success of the University is not whether or not we meet what is in essence an external ‘target’ for our contract numbers. It is our ability to attract enough good students in an open market. To achieve this we must articulate how they will benefit from their investment in the future. Our focus on Making Knowledge Work remains absolutely critical and the key elements of that, which I presented in an earlier update, remain the key to our continued success. Our efforts need to continue to focus on the difference that a Bradford degree makes to individuals and communities.”

This means that we must engage in step change in order to enhance all aspects of learning and teaching and the student experience. In this regard, a number of strategic projects, are being undertaken to enhance key aspects of the student experience and associated University business processes.

All members of University staff have an important role to play in ensuring that all students have the best experience possible and maximise their potential to achieve a “good degree”, graduate level employment and receive significant personal and professional development. It is vital that all members of staff are aware of these projects, associated changes they may have on University processes and procedures and what this means for individual and group working practices.