Data Overview and L&T Projects Update

Following my update in February, I am providing important details regarding the University level strategic projects currently being implemented.

Significant progress has been made in many of these projects including timetabling, attendance monitoring and the Key Information Sets.

The X-CRI project has been completed and its’ recommendations have been incorporated into the recommendations of the SITS Review.

Card readers are being installed in teaching areas in preparation for the implementation of electronic attendance monitoring in September 2013. A publicity campaign related to the attendance monitoring project will commence shortly.

Data for both attendance monitoring and timetabling projects are currently being generated and entered into the systems. The lack of a consistence use of SITS over the past ten years has created significant problems related to data quality. This will be addressed as a key part to of the project.

The SITS review project group has compiled a report that has been submitted to the Senior Management Team and will be presented at ASPC in June 2013.  We are a very long way forward from where we were 12 months ago.  However there is still a long way to go.

I know that many staff have been working extremely hard to bring the systems up to date and to comply with the essential project deadlines.  This work is appreciated, and thank you for all you are doing.  Many of the projects are inter-dependent and deadlines need to be adhered to ensure all projects will be implemented on time. The key imperative of these projects is to improve both the student experience and the staff experience.

Administrators in Schools have been working with academics for some time on a key date of Friday 31 May – by this date both the Key Information Set data (KIS) and the Timetabling data needs to be fully updated. Please support your colleagues with this challenging task.

For Timetabling, this information is needed regarding all teaching delivery (lectures, seminars, labs and tutorials) where these appear on a timetable.  Please provide the requested information to your School Timetabling lead as a matter of priority, as our administrators are required to input all taught activities and submit these to Room-Bookings for space allocation on the 31 May.  Any changes to timetables after 31 May will only be made under exceptional circumstances and will have to be approved by Deans.

Deans are overseeing School level processes related to these data collection exercises.

Once the data has been received and input, a draft timetable will be produced and circulated on 9 August. Academics will be asked to check and verify timetables with their School Timetabling lead and subsequently to also verify any timetable changes required by changes to student numbers during Clearing.  The completed timetable will be issued to everyone on 2 September 2013.

A Task & Finish Group has been set up to create a number of closely linked policies including the Attendance Monitoring and Engagement Policies, the “Fit to Sit and Fit to Submit” policies. Once this group has agreed standard definitions and they are in use, many processes and decisions will become significantly easier to implement for all staff and students. The first meeting of this group is scheduled for 28 June.