Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards

In the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Plan, I stressed the importance of recognising, rewarding and sharing outstanding practice and, in recognition of his passion and commitment to providing students with an outstanding experience, I was tasked by the Vice-Chancellor to implement a teaching awards scheme.  I’m delighted that the recent Learning, Teaching & Assessment Committee approved proposals for the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards and have pleasure in announcing that nominations for this new scheme are open until 9.00 am Monday 3 February 2014.

Up to six awards are available and will be presented at the summer graduation ceremonies.  Each will comprise a certificate and a financial award of £2,000 to support learning and teaching initiatives.  Nominations may be made for an individual or a programme/support team and, as we are committed to excellence being supported by strong, sustainable student partnerships, all nominations must be supported by a student partner and a statement from the Dean of School.

We already have examples of outstanding performance in teaching and student support. I hope that the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards will help to showcase more of these, provide staff with the recognition they deserve and encourage others to embrace and commit to delivering an outstanding student experience.


Full details of the scheme.