The Student Representation System

As many of you know  an enhanced Student Representation system was launched at the beginning of the first semester of this academic year. All academic schools have done extremely well in recruiting student representatives across their respective programmes. I am pleased to say we have over 430 student programme representatives, and 33 School Representatives who have volunteered to be a part of the new system. The University, the Students’ Union and students now have a system that ensures student representation across all levels of the University, from programme to the University Senate.

Rep Award

To encourage student engagement a new ‘Rep Award’ has been launched. The award is based on volunteers engaging with the role through attendance at University and Students’ Union meetings, meeting a volunteer hour requirement and also participating in the representative  training programme. So far levels of activity have been promising, with approximately 300 students providing evidence of participation, and well over 800 volunteers registered to date.


With regards to training, this year a new package has been introduced for student volunteers, with a focus on providing volunteers with a skill base for diplomatic representation. Training has also been based around student representatives using the ‘Student Charter’ to effectively represent students on their programme of study and analysing NSS results to campaign for positive change. So far over 250 students have taken part in this training programme, with an additional group of students choosing to use the online training on offer through blackboard. Additionally as part of the ‘Rep Award’, student reps now have access to a number of extra training opportunities, delivered by the staff development team.

Staff Focus Groups

To ensure that the new representation system is continuously developed a number of focus groups are being held  to gain feedback from staff on how effective the new system is, share best practice, and to seek new ideas.  The focus groups are open to all University staff members who have direct involvement with the system, i.e. lecturers, school administrators and support staff.

  • 10 February 14:00-17:00, Activities Room (Student Central)
  • 11 February 14:00-17:00, Activities Room (Student Central)
  • 12 February 15:00 – 17:30, Boardroom (Student Central)

If you wish to attend a session, please email stating the session that you will be available to attend.