New Pedagogic Research (PedR) Virtual Community

At the 2016 Learning, Teaching and Research Conference, we launched a University-wide conversation about pedagogic research. We are an institution that is passionate about learning and teaching, and we are a technology university: we want to inform – lead – on pedagogy via valid scientific outputs. PedR fits very well with our aims. We want to capture the human and institutional journeys of how learning happens and the differences made to people. We have compelling stories to tell the sector: so let’s make them evidence-based.

We are now launching our PedR Virtual Community – an inclusive, university-wide peer-support network for staff engaging in pedagogic research. The new Learning & Teaching Strategy recognises that engaging in and using pedagogic research outputs enables us to better understand our students’ experiences, assists in meeting their needs and improves our overall effectiveness in learning and teaching.  Our virtual community aims to support this by providing space to:

  • Develop conversations;
  • Test our ideas and share work in progress;
  • Provide peer support;
  • And … well, whatever we need it to do.

It’s facilitated by the Centre for Educational Development, but it’s owned by US! How great is that? So enrol now and start sharing your ideas. Here’s what you need to do to enrol:

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Enter PedR into the Search for an organisation box on the left.
  3. When the results appear, click on the down arrow next to the Organisation ID staff-ERSIG and choose enrol.
  4. A new window will appear, click on Submit.
  5. PedR should now be listed when you click on the Home tab.

We look forward to sharing some of the exciting things you’re doing on this blog.

By Ruth on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 in PedR