iStan meets potential lecturers

During recent interviews, we used iStan as a demonstration model to show prospective lecturers the varied and innovative teaching methods available to them here at the University of Bradford. Dr Morgan Denyer, who carried out the interview tours and who requested iStan as a demonstration, had the following comments:

“As part of the recent interview process for the new lecturers in Medical Sciences the candidates were introduced to iStan. They immediately appreciated the  the value of the technology, and seemed very impressed by the potential applications in terms of simulating patient responses to a range of treatments including exposure to toxins such as organophosphates. It is quite interesting, when people first meet iStan, they tend to feel slightly uncomfortable in that iStan is sometimes more human than one would expect, but this really reflect the value of the system in that it brings cardiorespiratory, GI and autonomic responses to life. A number of the candidates commented on this exact point. Overall the candidates found their meeting with iStan very informative and quite thought-provoking in terms of the potential education applications, they certainly went away enthused.”

Another way in which iStan is helping us to bring innovative teaching methods to life!


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