A-level students experience simulation with iStan and Anatomage!

On Tuesday 10th September, three groups of A-level students from a range of local schools came to take part in simulation sessions using iStan and Anatomage.

They were introduced to the equipment, and took part in a truly interactive experience, taking iStan’s pulse, checking what happened to his heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate when he was given various drugs, comparing ECG readings at different stages of the procedure, and discussing what was taking place.

They then had the opportunity to have a look at the new Anatomage Table, examining different body systems, exploring the human body and searching for individual organs, muscles and bones.

A-level students & Anatomage 10-09-12 (d) A-level students & Anatomage 10-09-12 (c)

All three sessions were lively, fun and completely interactive, with students engaging with the material and the equipment, and learning in the process.

A-level students & Anatomage 10-09-12 (b) A-level students & Anatomage 10-09-12 (a)

Here are selection of quotes from student in the sessions….

“Absolutely phenomenal! I haven’t seen anything like it before, so advanced! #great facilities”


“It was a fantastic learning experience. I will take a lot away from it. I can’t wait until I start University and get the hands-on experience everyday”


“At Bradford University today I had the opportunity to use iStan and the Anatomage. It was very enjoyable because it brought to life what we may read just from a boring textbook. Using iStan allowed me to understand the reactions which occur in real-life situations. The Anatomage however helped me to see the internal organs without dissecting a real person which I find very scary.  iStan and Anatomage is by far the best tool to use in the University.”


“I think the Anatomage Table is extremely useful, as it’s a faster and fun way to see many parts of the body in depth.  Also I think iStan is fun and a lot more realistic way to experiment and learn how the body reacts to certain things than reading from a textbook”




“The technology we used today is absolutely amazing. I like the fact that we can simulate different effects for different things to prepare people for a real-life situation”


“The Anatomage Table was amazing – a brilliant way of learning about the human body without all of the mess!”


“It was really realistic discovering how iStan reacts in different situations. I enjoyed it a lot!”


“It looked so human I felt sad when he died… :0( RIP iStan!”


“iStan and the Anatomage Table are unbelievably real, so informative and very, very cool.”


“Quite remarkable what the Anatomage Table is capable of, really pushes the boundaries of anything I’ve seen!”


“Both the Anatomage and iStan are excellent pieces of equipment and bring a very unique feel to the lesson. They make lessons enjoyable and the make it easier to understand the body.”


“It was a very unique experience, and it was new and exciting and I’m glad to have experienced it!”

As always, please contact me if you have any queries regarding the use of simulation in Life Sciences, or if you would like to use Anatomage, iStan, or the new simulation Lecture Theatre.




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