HEA CLL Event: Simulation in Life Sciences and Health

We are hosting an HEA “Changing the Learning Landscape” event in the Life Sciences Simulation Lecture Theatre (Richmond Building) on Wednesday 18th June.

The topic is “Simulation in Life Sciences and Health” and will include:

· virtual dissection in Life Sciences;

· 360° images in Radiography;

· augmented reality

· ASPiH/HEA National Simulation Project

· a series of “lightning talks” from colleagues here in Bradford;

· hands-on workshop sessions.


The agenda can be found on the webpage:


We are very lucky to be hosting this exciting event, which will provide many opportunities to share our experiences and good practice using simulation technology in our teaching.

Please use the link above to book, and I hope to see you there!

Best wishes




Contact us at sls-simulation@bradford.ac.uk

Follow us on Twitter: @UoB-SLS-Simulation