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11 Dec 2014  Posted by:

Corporate Social Responsibility benefits for business

The University of Bradford School of Management put sustainability in the workplace under the spotlight at a recent workshop and asked students, academics and professionals what skills, attributes and characteristics are needed for the future? In the second blog about the event, student Yuki Misaki, who is studying MSc Applied Management and Sustainability, reports on the event. As a student learning business, I’d say the Working... Continue reading

17 Nov 2014  Posted by:

Sustainability needs to be embedded in every part of business

The University of Bradford School of Management recently hosted an event that discussed sustainability in the workplace and what skills, attributes and characteristics people would need in the future. In the first of a series of blogs analysing the event and the issue, student Celeste Suess, who is studying MSc Applied Management and Sustainability, shares her thoughts. The Working in the Context of Sustainability, Ethics and CSR... Continue reading

13 Oct 2014  Posted by:

What are the business opportunities of big data?

Senior lecturer in operations management at Bradford University School of Management, Dr Olga Matthias, considers the implications of big data for business and looks at whether this next generation in analysis will lead to better business decisions and results. The opportunities and challenges of big data for businesses are the subject of furious debate. There are enormous social and organisational challenges as a result of this... Continue reading

22 Aug 2014  Posted by:

How can an MBA benefit your professional development?

Tony Hall is a successful accountant who has recently completed a Full Time MBA from the Bradford University School of Management. Here he shares his thoughts on how the course and the school have transformed him both personally and professionally. I think many people will laugh when they hear I decided to move my family from Bermuda to Bradford, but it’s proved to be a decision that has benefitted us all. I’m a trained accountant... Continue reading

25 Jul 2014  Posted by:

Improving business soft skills with an MBA

Software Engineer Toufic Diab has successfully completed a Full Time MBA at Bradford University School of Management and here explains why he decided to leave his home country of Lebanon to study at the business school. After I secured software engineering degrees in Lebanon and France, I returned home and spent five years working with a major multi-national business. However, I didn’t just want a career in the technical side... Continue reading

26 Jun 2014  Posted by:

Does an MBA develop the soft skills that a manager needs for work?

Guest blog by Mohit Soral, Vice President – Market Operations (Revenue Optimisation) at Emirates .  Mohit is an MBA alumnus of Bradford University School of Management on its Dubai programme In her book, Becoming a Manager, Linda Hill argues that, based on her research, ‘the education many business schools provide does little to prepare managers for their day-to-day realities [at work].” This is surprising, as certainly... Continue reading

28 May 2014  Posted by:

Tendering:  think like your customer or expect to lose the pitch

  Brendan Noonan is senior VP, learning and development at Emirates Airline.  His executive MBA was achieved at Bradford University School of Management in Dubai As an alumnus of Bradford University School of Management – top ranked by the FT – I have always been proud of my business school and its associations. Emirates decided to go out to the world’s top business schools within 10 hours flying time, to ask for proposals... Continue reading

29 Apr 2014  Posted by:

Setting sail for a circular economy

Dame Ellen MacArthur is the record-breaking yachstwoman who launched the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2010 to encourage a global shift to a circular economy. She works with Bradford University School of Management to deliver a Circular Economy MBA and delivered this keynote address at the recent Re:Thinking Progress conference at the university. There are fundamental differences between a linear economy and a circular economy.... Continue reading

28 Mar 2014  Posted by:

Making business collaboration work

Simon Dixon is the managing director of Hatmill, a high-growth supply chain and logistics consultancy that was recently honoured in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2013. Here he shares his thoughts on the benefits and risks of building strategic alliances and collaborating with other companies. Continue reading  Read More →

20 Mar 2014  Posted by:

Can a degree transform the financial planning sector?

Jelena Savonina was one of the first in the country to sign up for the new four-year BSc Financial Planning degree created by Bradford University School of Management. Here she considers the impact of the degree on the industry. Continue reading  Read More →

11 Mar 2014  Posted by:

Can quotas correct boardroom bias for women?

Christina Patino Christina Patino is the Corporate Programmes Coordinator at Bradford University School of Management and recently appeared on BBC Breakfast to debate the issue of having quotas for women on boards. Here she asks if a target for companies to recruit more senior women is enough, or should businesses face penalties to create equality on the board? Continue reading  Read More →

04 Mar 2014  Posted by:

How do businesses regain their appetite for risk?

Dr David Spicer Dr David Spicer is Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer in Organizational Change at Bradford University School of Management where he lectures in the areas of change management and organisational behaviour on undergraduate, postgraduate and executive programmes. Continue reading  Read More →

25 Feb 2014  Posted by:

How can businesses innovate beyond obsolescence?

Mark Buckley is a 20-year-old product design student and won a place on the B&Q Youth Board as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which has worked with Bradford University School of Management to develop the Innovation, Enterprise and the Circular Economy MBA. It’s only when business leaders question the current ways of working, and take the bold step to rethink, that real innovation can thrive. Creativity is what keeps... Continue reading

20 Feb 2014  Posted by:

Is international collaboration and innovation the key to reviving the UK textiles industry?

Last year, the Bradford Research in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship (BRITE) Lab won a £700,000 funding bid to help create innovative cultures and accelerate economic growth in the two former communist countries, Ukraine and Belarus. More about the project here: Will innovation help Ukraine and Belarus to join the European Union? This month, as part of the project, academics and students from five universities in Ukraine... Continue reading