Debating Sessions at Preston College

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It can often be a struggle to help students make the right decisions about their future; deciding whether they should go into Higher Education, employment or even taking up an apprenticeship. Recently, Mohammed encountered a group of students who were very unsure about their future and came up with a brilliant way to help them decide!

Mohammed2I had the pleasure of speaking with students from Preston’s college this week, the students I was invited to speak to were mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, and health sciences.

The groups were diverse in their opinions about H.E; with many students considering alternative routes after college such as becoming an apprentice at local employers.

Historically many of the students on engineering courses choose the apprentice route as they believe that the kind of work experience afforded to them via an employer is better than what they may get doing a university degree.

I took the opportunity to raise the awareness of University of Bradford’s commitment and focus on work experience, the fact that 100% of our courses focus on getting our students valuable and comprehensive work experience. 100% of our undergraduate students are exposed to the world of work in their chosen field with an opportunity to study abroad with our unique links to over 200 universities across the globe.

As the students at the college were split evenly in their post college options I created an environment for a debate to take place between them, To HE or not to HE:

The class was split in to two groups and each group allowed 15 mins to put forward critically thought out points to why their chosen route is important to them. All the debates were extremely positive allowing both parties to appreciate each other’s points and perspectives on life after college.

Many of the students present opted to find out more about the courses offered at the University of Bradford.

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