From Student to Staff: Tom Shares his Student Experience

ThomI started University in 2012, following completing my A-levels in Media, English Language and Psychology. Psychology quickly became one of my favourite subjects and I loved how my A-levels crossed over each other.

When it came to making my university choices, I chose five local universities; the three Leeds Universities, Huddersfield and Bradford, wishing to study Psychology at each of them. However, attending an Applicant Experience Day at the University of Bradford made Bradford my first choice due to the warm welcome, engaging activities (which included me been wired up to a lie detector!), openness of the staff and students and reassuring nature of the day.

In the build up to A-Level results day, I was nervous and not too confident following my exams, however, it proved to be a bit of over panicking as I achieved two C’s and a B in Psychology and got accepted on to the course. The University of Bradford was very helpful over the summer, assisting me with my Student Finance, sending me helpful and friendly welcome packs in the post and the Freshers’ Fair week made me feel a part of Team Bradford with the Sports and Societies inviting me to join them!

While I also had a very warm welcome from our course leaders and my fellow new Psychology students, I couldn’t wait to start my first Lecture. Over the period of my course I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, learning about Psychological concepts and conditions, engaging in intellectual discussions, opening my mind to individual differences and human diversity, advanced statistical research methods and several more aspects on the Psychological spectrum. The next three years of study, student life, and working for the University of Bradford, honestly, proved to be life changing for me.

I am fully aware my experience of University is my own personal and subjective view, but I can’t emphasise enough how much I enjoyed my time here in Bradford and how valuable maximising my opportunities here was to me.

Overall, my experiences at Bradford changed my life dramatically for the better; before I came to university I was very shy, disliked taking myself out of my comfort-zone and was happy to let opportunities in life pass me by. However, through making a group of excellent friends, achieving academic success and taking many of the extra opportunities and experiences Bradford presented to me, I was able to grow massively in confidence, step out of my Comfort-Zone and open my mind to the opportunities available to me and my course mates.

Some of the most valuable opportunities which enriched my time here at Bradford, included becoming Vice-President of the Psychology Society, aiding first year Psychology students as a Peer-Assisted-Learning Leader, helping to raise funds for the Crocus Cancer Appeal, the University’s Cancer Charity, and working for the University on various events as an Ambassador; these experiences enabled me to enhance my employability and increase my passion and love for Higher Education.

This led me into the career I am in now, one which I love and allows me to challenge myself continuously, while helping to guide students through a very transitional and important period in their life. This transition is still fresh in my mind, only experiencing it recently myself.

I hope reading about my experiences of university were beneficial, insightful or at the very least somewhat entertaining. If you would like to get in touch to find out how I can support you and your students, please don’t hesitate to email: