Second the Best: The Recruitment Team Shine at End of Year 2016

Team Red: Proudly dressed as a Mario, after a day of competing in sports for the End of Year Celebrations at the University of Bradford

Katie2Whenever I’m asked about what it’s like to work on campus at the University of Bradford, the main thing that springs to mind is what a friendly, welcoming environment it is. There are many reasons for this; one of them is the fantastic working relationships between staff and students here.

Within the Recruitment Team particularly we work closely with students on a regular basis and employ them to help us with events and presentations in schools and colleges, UCAS exhibitions, clearing and on campus events like Open Day and Taster Days. We have a fantastically enthusiastic, professional team of student ambassadors and at certain times of year we wouldn’t be able to manage without them!

Richard Katie
Richard and Katie showing off their Team Red colours


That’s what makes our end of year staff and student celebration event so important. The annual event was held on 18th May this year. The celebratory event features a sports tournament across campus known as the Team Bradford Tournament, sport events run throughout the day with teams comprising of staff and students. This year we also had a Great Bradford Bake-Off, BBQ and Afternoon Tea.

Towards the end of the day all teams meet on our outside amphitheatre area to take part in the last event of the day…Tug of War! Some of the team still haven’t got their voices back… The atmosphere is electric, with staff and students from across the entire university filling the amphitheatre to cheer on their teams.

Tug of war
Students and Staff taking part in Tug-of-War


We then hear an address from our Vice-Chancellor, who visits all of the sporting events throughout the day awarding points for the teams with the biggest support, before the winners are announced. It’s a tense, nail biting occasion…

I’m proud to say that this year, out of the 18 teams competing on the day, the UK Recruitment Team (Team Red) came SECOND place! And with only one point in it!
The team was made up of UK Recruitment staff, current students and a number of other staff from across our directorate. The team was mainly coordinated by Maqbool Ahmad and Sam Ridley from the Recruitment Team, who put a huge amount of effort into our Super Mario Theme (student idea…), engaging students, creating flags, banners, social media platforms, creating videos and generally gearing us all up to do an amazing job on the day.

The Team just before setting off for their first sporting challenge


Due to their hard work and determination we secured second place as well as winning extra points for social media activity and team support on the day. Job well done! I’m hugely proud of Team Red and the fantastic efforts that went into the day.

After a hectic year already with the Recruitment Team attending school and colleges events around the UK and Europe, and busy first half of the UCAS exhibition cycle, the end of year celebration gives us the chance to celebrate as a team along with our amazing student body. It is certainly one of the best team building experiences I have ever been part of, and it completely reflects what Team Bradford stands for.

Please enjoy looking through the 2016 celebration day photos (no laughing at our outfits…), and fingers crossed for next year.

Team Red with their well deserved Silver Medals.
Students and Staff of Team Red get ready for Table Tennis
Sitting Vollyball
A variety of sports were played on the day; including sitting volleyball


For more pictures of the day, please visit out Flickr page.

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