A tribute to my late Rotary host, Rodger Percival

Keep smiling
The girl from Kenya as you referred to me while you introduced me to everybody you met in the shops. Do you know this girl? She came all the way from Kenya, she just arrived, and can you find a sim card that can work for her? She is a Rotary scholar, she will be studying in Bradford, and give her a student discount… (I kept smiling)
The memories of the beautiful welcome and the cold ginger bread (laughs) you let me eat for lunch in your house will be with me for a long time
The cooking apples you brought us (the peace fellows) will be missed dearly
The funny jokes and the noisy you, can’t be replaced, you were a special one Rodger
Today I smile not in tears but with love in remembrance of a man who left sweet memories with me and the Peace Fellow’s class 14.
I will keep smiling, I will be good but not too good as you always joked.
I will keep smiling because it is not every day that I meet people that make me smile
Probably my smile will make others smile