Bread for lunch/dinner?

My first time in a Western country has been awesome. First the reception from my host family, Rodger (now deceased) and Ann Percival as well as the host family of my housemate has been priceless. The idea of having a home in a foreign country that you can visit and someone you can call and talk about anything is priceless.

At the University, I have been fortunate to meet great people from all walks of life, shared and exchanged ideas and created relationships that will last a lifetime. I have specifically enjoyed the house parties where we bring our country cuisines and share them. I have to admit though, when bread (sandwich) becomes food for lunch or dinner my mind gets a little bit confused. In my culture bread is for breakfast only. BUT this is the beauty of the whole experience, I have learned to appreciate it.

My class experience is very different to that in Kenya e. A lot of reading and writing is the order of the day here, which I appreciate because it has sharpened my writing skills. The reading materials are also plenty and available both in print and electronic versions. The fact that with the aid of the internet I can access library resources anytime anywhere, makes reading easier. I have also received a lot of support from my kind professors, campus staff and fellow students in terms of academic and general life experiences. And yes, the library operates 24 hours, this is awesome.

I have participated in a few Rotary activities shared about myself, my background, why I applied for the course and what I intend for the future. These opportunities have helped me develop my public presentation skills and allowed me meet people I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to know. On October 31st the previous peace fellows (class 13) held their peace seminar and we (the incoming peace fellows) supported them by facilitating the smooth running of the event. We later had a chance to introduce introducing ourselves to the audience of Rotarians attending the event.

Below is a photo of me and other Peace Fellows introducing ourselves at the Annual Peace SeminarDoc1