Men and Food… where are you at?

Hi again,

More participants are coming forward through my website ( to write and then send me their accounts of what their lives have been like developing, living with and recovering from disordered eating.

The more people I hear from the more I realise that all of the media coverage and scientific journal articles have it spot on so far – this disorder is on the rise in males. Whether this is due to more men being open, honest and brave about something that’s been quietly ‘secret’ for years is another matter.

I was just reading some interesting information on the Samaritans’ website about the latest figures of people who have problems with food/eating distress and it’s not good. All this just makes me even more determined to work with men’s stories of their experience.

So, if you’re out there reading this and wondering if you might be one of those men, then check out my research website, maybe access some support and send me your story if you decide you want to be involved.