Time to stop the reading for now.

“To read about… [a number of research methodologies] in order to get to the point of being able to make an informed choice would in all likelihood take longer than the whole time available to complete the research project.” (McLeod 2001: 131).

This is entirely the place I’ve gotten stuck in since the beginning of the year. I’m now 9 months in and I still can’t put down texts which help me find my way through the myriad debates about the philosophy of my approach to the project. This began as a call from my supervisors to justify my methodology (understandably) and I should have stopped and written up ages ago but I keep finding more and more fascinating studies engaging in an interminable argument about the best way to conduct qualitative research.

So I’m publishing this as a threshold. I have 53 more sources, recently found, to study and note-take and then I’m stopping. I should have finished writing up a chapter I began months ago. It’s difficult determining when to stop but my participants are waiting.

My, what a weekend!