Eating disorders and men… and away we go.

Well, what a lot of rubbish that last post was about stopping reading. I never managed it. I’m still reading and am now beginning to think I’m obsessed by it. I’m even re-reading things I read a year ago to see if I still think/feel the same about what the literature was telling me back then.

A fortnight ago I had a supervision meeting and even my research supervisors (who are brilliant by the way – which is most fortunate, I know not all PhD students end up with such a good team) were still giving me ideas of things to search for and sources to read. We’re all as bad as each other. I’ve stopped lamenting now that I fell as if I’m running behind my own schedule and am embracing the process and messiness of it. I have a ‘long’ account to add to here of what happened to me over summer, too – so i need to get that posted up soon.

All this aside the main reason i’m posting is that I now feel as if I have something tangible to post. I got home after a cold half-hour’s walk home last night. Made some soup, had a cuppa and settled down to yet more reading (I should be writing! But the ‘new’ me says ‘let that go’). I was beginning to seriously tire around 10pm so I thought I’d change my frame of mind – as serious a gamble as it was if i wanted to continue working – I got ready for bed and took the text i was reading into the bed with me. I was slightly reticent of course as I had visions of my managing to highlight another useful line more… then awaken at 7am with book print smudged into my slumbering face.

Instead what happened was that at 11.24 precisely I had the first eureka moment I’ve had in twelve months since i completed my ethical approval and managed to get it in to the panel – I finally knew – as in REALLY knew what my hermeneutic process was going to be and I’ve been floundering around with that for the best part of the year. My next post will share it here so people can take a look. I feel thrilled! I also love the fact that this space is exactly for such an achievement. I cannot believe how relieved/reinvigorated/pleased as punch I feel.

Now I can finally start work on the accounts that you guys have so fantastically sent to me. Utterly brilliant. this is what I’ve been missing since May when things went wrong for a while.