Further ideas on journalling.

The following are prompts for me to use when keeping my research journal that may then be useful in interpreting my interpretations.

– Things I’m enjoying or not enjoying about the experience of hermeneutic work.

– The most significant thing as it stands at any one journal entry in terms of my findings AND my learning.

– My thoughts and feelings on the dynamic between the interpreter (me) and the experiences in the eating disorder text.

– Any questions arising or any confusion I’m experiencing from the interpreting.

– Identifiers of where it feels like I should go next, where are the interpretations leading me?

– Any elements of theory or individual concepts which I think I need more understanding of.

– How I’m applying this interpretation elsewhere, what impact is it having on the research as a whole?

– My specific personal examples that I feel may have resonance with experiences in the text.

– My fears, hopes and anxieties as I engage in the work.

– Ideas for things I want to explore but for which it may not be the best time.

As usual I’m blogging these because I like the half-way between things feeling concrete and tangible but as it’s on a blog they are not set in stone.

Adapted from: Widdowson, M. & Ayres, A. (2006) Journaling methods for psychotherapy trainees. ITA News, pp. 13-14.