Help! A serious case of writer’s block…

It is now official – i am well and truly stuck. I am living in some sort of semi-permanent fear of committing fingers to keys. I spent most of the weekend sitting in front of my PC wanting to write my chapter, wanting to get down something – anything but in fact I’ve still not moved on – all I’ve got are the 4000 words or so which had been written ages ago.

To top it all I feel like death today, which is just bringing me down about the whole thing. I have all of this work to do and I just can’t WRITE. If I’m like this with the first full chapter how on earth am i going to make it to the end of the thesis.  I’ve brainstormed and better bulleted, I’ve gathered together ideas, reading, evidence – I’ve even read Lyn Richards stuff on “Telling” thinking I need to jar myself from this mindset of ‘writing’ as it seems to have taken on some enormous, unwieldy and scary meaning for me. I’m so scared of getting it ‘wrong’ – which is crazy because I don’t know what ‘it’ is yet. I’m hoping ‘telling’ is the way forward.

Richards, L. (2005) Handling Qualitative Data: A Practical Guide, London: SAGE.