Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2011

I have just been interviewed by the Pulse of West Yorkshire radio station about EDAW. I was so surprised at just how nervous I was to say that I only had to talk to them over the phone in an recording which will be artfully edited, I’m sure.

I just felt as if I waffled and was too verbose (here’s hoping the magic of editing can make me sound snappier) and frankly I’m worried I sounded glum and  miserable instead of my more cheery self – ho hum, the perils of not being well-versed in being interviewed, I think.

Still, it achieves my overall aim of really raising awareness of eating disorders in men. I fully appreciate that the problems faced  by women should not be at all cast aside but we do need someone out there making sure men feel OK about coming forward to get help. after all, not everyone is fine around food and as a pernicious coping mechanism eating disorders don’t discrimate on the grounds of gender but society still does, for the present at least.