MGEDT conference (in the ‘aftermath’) and writing.

Last week I spoke at the conference held by Men Get Eating Disorders Too. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but felt slightly disappointed at the low turnout of something which is of crucial importance MGEDT to mental health professionals, physicians and the NHS. This was despite Sam’s valiant effort to publicise the event on wide scale.

However, what made the experience were the people who were there. There was an enormous amount of support, care and curiosity in the room. the question time allowed further, deeper exploration of the experiences and issues shared. But most of all, listening to fellow men affected by eating disorders invoked emotions that are hard to describe. Because of this I really wanted to flag up their organisation NotED and their campaigns in the south west. Check out the MGEDT new website for further details. I also finally got to meet Matthew Campling who wrote one of the accounts that I read originally which inspired me to work with stories provided by you guys yourselves. Oh, and the balcony with a view of the city of Brighton and the sea was a lovely addition, too!

I am still forming and reforming my ideas in writing. I know this is not a quick activity or even something that can be achieved in a concrete-never-to-change way but really – I wish I could just commit myself to paper but I’m finding this immensely hard – any other PhD students out there with the same problem?