Organising my search for eating disorders material

Well, as you can tell I’m in a mixture of a contemplative and an organising frame of mind.

These are my musings on how to be as thorough as possible at locating and reading all of the research that’s already out there on men and eating disorders. I intend to locate any historical stuff but I’m not going to plan to do more than gain an overview of what it has to offer. Additionally, I’ll initially collect abstracts of papers together and then assess them for level of usefulness.

I’m focusing so fully on journal articles because I feel relatively confident that I have books covered, compared to other subjects there are relatively few. In terms of books I’m not going to trawl every health psychology textbook ever written to see what it says about eating disorders (and, if I’d be lucky enough to find them written about, men). I’m sticking to books that take eating disorders as their central theme.

So back to articles, I’m going to be quite systematic about – firstly, because that appeals to my hyper-organised brain and secondly, because there is a real danger of becoming lost. Two things might happen as a result of this, I’ll end up focusing more on finding the literature, rather than on the stories, that defeats the point, and I dread I might miss something that later turns out to be a glaring hole in my understanding of the stories that have been shared with me.

1. Beginning with a sweep of the suggestions/recommendations/links of sources already sent to me by my supervisors, Ian and Gillian, and many others who know what I’m working on.

2. Check the two main eating disorders journals: European Eating Disorders Review & International Journal of Eating Disorders.

3. Check remaining ideas of potential journal publications: Eating Disorders Review, Eating and Weight Disorders, Eating Behaviours, Eating Disorders: Journal of Treatment and Prevention & Eating Disorders Online.

4. Finally search in psychological, sociological and health sciences journals – limiting scope to past 15 years and that’s as far as I can reasonably go for a 100 000 thesis, I think.

Will update here on how that goes and what I had to change about my plans.