BBC Radio Leeds

Yesterday I gave a live interview with Adam Pope on his morning show talking about eating disorders in men, my personal experiences and my research. I have to say, it was an enormously positive experience. I was able to talk about my family and whether or not there were any contrubutaory factors, shed some light in terms of  understanding features of bulimia nervosa in men and the notion of compulsive eating.

Alas with the BBC things are not automatically available to listen again to and they won’t provide a recording but I just thought I’d document it here. I was asked some very insightful questions including a great one about what my body felt like at the time when it looked fit and healthy but was being overwhlemed and damaged on the inside because of my bingeing and purging.

I also got to mention the charity work that Men Get Eating Disorders Too is doing and talked about what research I’m doing and where things are at.