The media’s moving!

Last week we had the announcement (which I’ve yet to probe deeper on, as there’s often a discrepancy between the original report and the media version) about the 66% increase in male admissions for eating disorders and this week the independent is featuring a chap whose moving story and successful recovery I’ve read about earlier this year in another paper.

I have no empirical understanding as yet but all of this seems rather sudden and I’m wondering where this has come from, hence why I want to check it our further. If it is completely accurate – there truly has been such a significant increase then I feel like the stories you guys are sharing with me are even more important than ever before in the history of our health service. If details have been inflated or taken out of context then it only harms our cause in getting appropriately pitched treatment for men and adolescent males. So, when I know more I’ll blog – give me the research not the media soundbites, that’s what I say.

On reflection, I would add, any provision at all for men did seem to happen the same way. When I was first diagnosed, try as I might, there felt as if there was exceedingly little that gave any credence or tailored advice to men with an eating disorder, then by 2008 things were already changing, even if the steps were small, they were there.

I think sometimes the issues around blokes and eating disorders are taken de-contextualised – they are not expressed within the broder cultural and societal change that’s occurring and I perceive that as potentially dangerous – I want support and good health care provision but I would have for the needs of men to be annexed to the medical services so that the treatments were only psychiatric, as if the problems were purely biochemical, when this is simply not the case.

If you feel as I do then take a moment and leave me a comment.

Al the best.